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Chiropractors use their understanding and expertise of the body and brain connection to assist your body to heal itself – without drugs or surgery. Chiropractic emphasizes wellness, and helps patients achieve and maintain a higher level of health. People from all walks of life, including athletes like football great Jerry Rice, utilize chiropractic care to help them perform at their very best.

Doctors of chiropractic are specialists in evaluating the vertebrae misalignments called subluxations. These areas of altered spinal motion or misalignment due to weak ligaments, poor posture, structural misalignments, and disc problems may interfere with normal nerve function and overall health. Subluxations are detected by thorough Chiropractic consultation, examination, and x-ray. They are corrected using gentle and precise chiropractic adjustments. The Life West Health Center offers a variety of adjustive techniques, including low-force methods. Techniques are chosen after carefully considering each patient’s individual needs or preferences. Leading-edge diagnostic equipment, including thermography and advanced x-ray imaging, is available on-site at the Health Center.

Health Care and technology are changing, and so are your expectations. The chiropractic professionals at the Health Center are dedicated to creating a caring and healing environment where traditional methods and modern research come together. Highly accomplished chiropractic clinical faculty and well trained interns understand your needs and are excited to bring you to peak performance, good health and wellness. This results in a highly informative and integrative patient care experience.


Since 1981, the Life West Health Center has been the Bay Area’s premier chiropractic teaching and patient care facility. We are conveniently located in western Hayward near Interstate 880 and Highway 92. The Health Center provides convenient, quality, affordable chiropractic care. Give us a call at 510-780-4567 or visit us at 25001 Industrial Blvd. in Hayward to set up an appointment. You can pick, or we will assign you an intern who will answer your questions and make an appointment for your first visit.