Current Hours:
Monday 11:00-6:30
Tuesday 1:00-7:30
Wednesday 11:00-6:30
Thursday 1:00-7:30
Friday 12:00-5:30
Saturday 9:00-1:00
Alma Mater: Palmer College of Chiropractic-West
Private Practice: Multiple practices for decades on the Peninsula including more recently Founder & Director of a multi-practitioner inter-disciplinary clinic, Live Oak Center for the Healing Arts, in Menlo Park, Evergreen Health Services in Palo Alto, and Director of Chiropractic Services at HealthNOW Medical Center in Sunnyvale
Specialties: Diversified; Drop Table

Biography: In my 30 years of practice, I have been privileged to facilitate the regaining and retaining of health and freedom from pain in this extended community via various methods of care. I specialize in the treatment of the whole person, from form and structure to dynamic function, including lifestyle, nutrition, and core principles of balance & well-being. I have been a practitioner and instructor of Tai Chi Chu’uan and Chi Gong at multiple locations for many years. I have also been a founder and owner (and instructor) of a professional massage therapy school and center, as well as the director and producer (and host) of an ongoing/monthly cable television show, ‘Focus On Health: Dimensions in Natural Healing’, aired frequently in the Bay Area. I support an integrative approach, combining knowledge from the mind, and intelligence in the hands, heart & soul in treating patients.

Dr. Kallop's Interns

Kevin Hallmeyer
Erin Heck
Caleb Kuehl
Paul Mikunda
Oleg Osadchuk
Stacy Sanchez
Chun Tam
Brian Curtis
Vitaliy Dobrogorskiy
Oscar Erkenswick
Melanie-Anne Frias
Amada Guzman
Lara Hill
Trevor MacLeod
Anthony Murray
Brian Palmer
Navit Zuckerman
Theresa Andraos
Israel Calva-Rosales
Zachary Gower
Ryne Ibarra
Fatemeh Masoodi
Brad Partridge
Timothy Prescott
Jesse Steinberg
Monica Green
Allyson Nash
Masia Scarano
Yasmin Fatemi
Gregory Lazelle
Courtney Rokowski
Lauren Schreiber